Terms of Service


These conditions have been designed to create a legally binding agreement between you and us, protecting your rights as a customer and our rights as a company. 

These conditions regulate the offer, the acceptance of purchase and the shipment of COELI products between you and us. 

COELI offers the products exclusively to end users to acquire merchandise without the intention of reselling. 

"Final user" means any natural or legal person that acts within www.coelimx.com for purposes other than those that are proper to commercial activities , business or professional that normally develops. 

COELI reserves the right not to attend to orders made by subjects that differ from the final user. 

Only final users who have proceeded to register on the website may purchase goods and services marketed through the website. same in accordance with the provisions of these general conditions.



The acquisition of the status of registered user allows you to navigate through the restricted access areas that appear on the website, the use of services for which prior identification is necessary and the acquisition of COELI products that may be offered through the site. 

People of legal age and with full capacity to contract to subscribe to these general conditions can acquire the status of registered user.

The acquisition of the condition of registered user implies the reading and express acceptance and without reservation of the terms that make up these general conditions, which you state that you have known prior to your acceptance, and may be stored and reproduced by it. Registration as a user is an essential requirement for contracting services or purchasing COELI products through its online store. 

The generated username and password, which will allow the user to identify themselves and use the service, are strictly personal and confidential. The user will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the same. Consequently, the user expressly accepts, unless proof to the contrary, that we presume that the uses of the service made using their identification keys are made by the registered user, unless the user has previously reported the loss or theft of the same. 

Password may be freely modified by the user, through the procedures that we have established for this purpose. The replaced password will be canceled as a means of identification at the same time that the new one is generated. 

We can block access and use of the website when we deem it necessary for security reasons. The service will be automatically blocked in the event that three successive errors occur in the typing of the user keys for access or use.

We will adopt the necessary organizational and technical measures in our computer equipment to achieve adequate use of the service by users and prevent unauthorized access, the purpose of which is to proceed with unauthorized disclosures of the content of the user's financial information accessible through the service.



The user is obliged to: 

or Communicate to COELI all the data necessary for accessing and using the services that require prior identification, which must be true, current and in line with reality. The user is obliged to provide certain and correct personal data (name, address, email and other contact information) and agrees that we can use this information to contact him / her if necessary. If you do not provide us with all the information, we will not be able to process your order. In addition, COELI will not be responsible in any case for possible delays or failures in delivery as a result of the error or omission of this data. 

or The user may not make any fraudulent, false or speculative order. COELI reserves the right to cancel the order and / or inform the relevant authorities if they have reasonable reasons to consider it as such.

or By placing an order on this website, you guarantee that you are over 18 years of age and that you have legal capacity to contract.

or Adopt the necessary security measures, both personal and material, to maintain the confidentiality of your username and password, as well as immediately inform COELI of the loss, loss, theft, theft or illegitimate access of your username, as well as its knowledge by third parties.

or Make appropriate use of the services included on the website, always in accordance with the legal system. 

or Not carry out any activity that hinders or interferes with the operation of the services, included on the website. 

or Payment of the COELI products that would have been contracted through the website and of the shipping and collection management costs, if any.



Every time the user accesses and / or uses the site or sends an email, text message and other communications from any device, they will be communicating electronically with COELI.

The user and COELI, for the conclusion of any sales contract through the site On the Internet, they expressly state that the communications they will hold between themselves will be electronic, which, but not limited to, may be: 

a) Emails; 

b) Text messages; 

c) Notices and messages posted on the site; and, 

d) Push notifications. 

The user accepts that all contracts, notices, messages, and other notifications and communications that COELI sends to him by electronic means satisfy any legal requirement in writing, for which they have all the legal effects that there are. It will be understood that the notifications have been received and have been correctly made at the same time they are posted on our website during the session that the user starts or 24 (twenty-four) hours after an email has been sent.



The content of our website is an invitation to do business. The sale contract is perfected at the time the user places the corresponding order, considering that both the seller and the buyer have expressed their willingness to enter into the contract. However, COELI reserves the ownership of the product sold until its price has been paid. 

After clicking on "buy" you will receive an email as acknowledgment of receipt. From that moment, the order was already accepted, so the corresponding payment will be made. Once the payment has been made, we will send you an email informing you that the order is in the process of being sent.

The contract with COELI can be made in Spanish. 

COELI may refrain from sending orders if the user, if the information provided by it is false, as well as the absence of the product or products requested in the warehouse. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, COELI undertakes to inform you of the impossibility of materializing the shipment by updating any of the indicated assumptions and, if the order has already been collected, the corresponding refund will be made. 



You agree that the products offered by COELI in your store are subject to stock limits. All orders for COELI products are subject to availability. If any product is not available once the order has been placed, we will inform you as soon as possible. At that time you can modify your order or cancel it. 

The price of the products will be that stipulated at any time on our website. 

COELI reserves the right to modify the products offered on the website at any time without prior notice. These modifications will not affect, in any case, the orders with respect to which we have already sent you the shipping confirmation.



The user acquires ownership of COELI products at the time he receives the shipping confirmation and the product leaves the warehouses. Responsibility for COELI products will be transferred to the user at the time of delivery of the order placed.



The prices on our website are shown in Mexican pesos with the option to be exchanged to USD dollar, CAN dollar and Euros, which already include the Value Added Tax (VAT).

According to Mexican regulations, we are required to issue invoice and / or sales receipt for any order, regardless of the amount .

The price of the products will be that stipulated at any time on our website. COELI reserves the right to modify the prices shown on the page without prior notice. These modifications will not affect, in any case, the orders with respect to which we have already sent you the shipping confirmation. 

The rights recognized by current legislation are protected. 

COELI accepts payments by credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and American Express) and PayPal. To protect the security of payment by credit or debit card, we use secure payment systems. The confidential payment information is transmitted directly and in encrypted form (SSL) to the banking institution. When making the payment through the secure payment system, the system will automatically verify that the credit card is activated for secure electronic commerce. Then it will connect with the issuing bank, which will authorize the operation. 

The refund will be in the same form of payment. 

COELI complies with the regulations required by the different payment methods with which it is possible to make the purchase. 

COELI reserves the right to check personal data and take appropriate measures so that the merchandise is correctly delivered.



For security reasons, you cannot place orders over $ 70,000 MXN or containing more than 30 items within a period of 15 days. If you are interested in making purchases in excess of this amount or quantity of products, we invite you to contact our customer service through our contact form.



The products that we present on our website are a careful selection from our collection. We have taken special care to show with great precision the colors and characteristics of our products. Of course, the calibration of each monitor is different and we cannot guarantee that with yours it displays the colors with complete accuracy.



Nothing in these purchase conditions excludes or limits our liability for (1) death or personal injury caused by our negligence, (2) fraudulent statements, (3) any other liability that cannot be limited or excluded by applicable law. 

Above and to the extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible for economic losses (including loss of income, data, benefits, contracts, business or anticipated savings) or loss of goodwill or reputation or loss from special or indirect damages suffered or incurred by you arising from or in connection with these conditions. 

The provisions of this section do not affect your legal rights as a consumer or your right to terminate the contract.



We will not be responsible for any breach or delay in the fulfillment of any of the obligations that we assume under a contract, the cause of which is due to events considered fortuitous or force majeure and that are beyond our control. 

Causes of force are acts, events, lack of exercise, omissions or accidents that are beyond our control, such as, for example, the following: 

- Strikes, lockouts or other types of social manifestations.

- Civil commotion, revolt, invasion, terrorist attack or terrorist threat, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparations for war.

- Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, sinking, epidemic or any other natural disaster or health emergency.

- Impossibility of using trains , boats, planes, motor transports or other means of transport, public or private.

It is understood that our obligation to fulfill any contract is suspended during the period in which the fortuitous event or the cause of force majeure continues, so we will have an extension in the term to fulfill the obligations while such event lasts. We will use all reasonable means to find a solution by means of which we can fulfill our contractual obligations despite the fortuitous event or cause of force majeure.



The use of our website and the contracts for the sale of products through it will be governed by Mexican law.

Any controversy that arises or is related to the use of the website or such contracts will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals with residence in Mexico City. 

You can send us any query or complaint through the form contained on the contact page.