Refund policy


You may terminate the contract in the last of the following events: 

A) Within the following thirty (30) calendar days following the date of the order. 

B) Within 5 (five) calendar days following the day in which you or a third party indicated by you, other than the carrier, acquired material possession of the goods or, in the event that the goods that make up your order are delivered separately, within 5 (five) calendar days following the day on which you or a third party indicated by you, other than the carrier, acquired the material possession of the last of those goods.

In case of withdrawal by you, COELI will reimburse you for all payments received by you, not including the costs of the return package. 

If recipient of the COELI products is different from the person who made the payment, the refund of the money will be made to the person who made the payment. 

In case you have made an order consisting of more than one item and not you want to return all the items of the order, we will only refund the amount of the items you want to return, without the total or partial refund of the delivery costs related to the order. This is due to the fact that the delivery costs to your home are fixed and are paid per order placed, being invariable depending on the number of garments or items that make up the order. 

Returns of products can be made: 

A) By mail or courier , and you must bear the direct costs of the return, such as freight costs. In no event will we accept returns sent collect.We will not be responsible for losses, delays or shipments to the wrong address of any product that you wish to return, so we recommend that you send it by registered mail or with acknowledgment of receipt. Likewise, the client will be responsible for proving that the items have been returned, so we recommend that they always be sent by a system that certifies delivery for their safety.

In the case of return by mail or courier, you must send us the COELI products, to the following address that will be provided once the return is approved. 

The possibility of rescission will be viable as long as the COELI products are returned in the same conditions in which you received them, together with their original complete packaging, labels and together with any accessory related to them. For the exchange or return of jewelry and accessories, it is essential that the security seal is kept intact. If your return does not comply with the stipulated terms, you will not be entitled to receive any amount refund and we will send you the COELI products receivable. 

We will determine if the COELI products are in the same conditions in which they were sent to you. You will be responsible for any decrease in the value of the products that is the result of a manipulation of the products other than that necessary to establish their nature, characteristics or operation. Products that have been returned damaged, incomplete, deteriorated, used or dirty due to the customer will not be refunded and will be made available to their sender and forwarded for collection. 

Returned COELI products must be sent in a single delivery. We reserve the right not to accept COELI products that belong to a single order, returned and delivered at different times. Whatever the payment system used by you, the refund of the amount will start as soon as possible, but always within a period of 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date on which COELI has been informed of the decision of the termination of the contract by the consumer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, COELI may withhold the refund until the products have been received, or until the consumer has presented proof of their return (whichever comes first).

Except for the provisions of the preceding paragraph and, therefore, there will be no right of withdrawal, in the following cases: 

1) The purchase of personalized products, in which there will be no right of return once the order has been placed.

Personalized products are considered all those for the production of which an individual choice or decision by the consumer is decisive or that has required the customization of some of its characteristics or pieces, such as, for example, the personalized design of any of our MY line products. BANDANA. A product made according to standard options offered by COELI to the general public, such as color, pattern, size, etc., will not be considered a personalized product.



If you receive an order other than the one you requested or that contains defective products, please contact us immediately through the contact form, indicating the error or defect, your personal data and the order identification data. 

COELI products have a guarantee of 30 (thirty) calendar days from their delivery. 

Once we have received the product, we will proceed to examine it carefully and we will notify you via email within 2 working days of the origin of the guarantee . 

If it is determined that the guarantee is valid, the user may choose to request the restitution of the product or products, or the termination of the contract and, consequently, the return of the money paid. In any of the 2 cases, you can request a bonus or compensation when the defective product or products have hidden defects or defects that make them inappropriate for the uses to which they are usually intended, which decrease their quality or the possibility of their use, or not offer the security that, given its nature, is normally expected of it and its reasonable use. 

When the user opts for the termination, COELI undertakes to refund the price paid, including the expenses related to the return of the product. The return will be made in the same way that has been used to pay for the purchase.

The return or replacement of the item will be made as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 (thirty) calendar days following the date on which We send you the email confirming the origin of the return or replacement of the item in question. 

In the event of problems with the packaging of the product, you must notify the courier company at the time of receipt of the order.